Sunday, June 1, 2008

Monster Truck Party!

Today was Jaden's 3rd birthday party! We kept it super simple and just had our family over to celebrate. He had his sweet little heart set on a monster truck party, so we did a couple of things to accomodate that.
Here is his monster truck cake! This beast was four layers tall, with bagels for tires on a stand that Micah made. It was truly a team project and all three of us were very pleased with the results. We ran out of frosting towards the end so the tires werent perfect, and the headlights started to run today but Jaden loved it and thats what counts.

It took us hours to decorate it. I baked the four (yes four!) layers and did the black and the blue on the body of the truck and Micah did the green and half of the tires. He also carved it and made the stand. What an awesome Dad!

JJ got sick of us paying so much attention to a silly cake. Nothing calms him down more than hanging out with Mama! Man I am TIRED looking!
Hard at work
YAY! We are done!!
Jaden peeking in on it all set up, complete with the balloons we went and bought together.
Time to eat it!

When I was little, every year I got to wear a button on my birthday, so I thought I would start a new tradition here with one. I asked him to show me his button and he definitely did alright!

Happy Birthday Sweet Jaden! As you would say, "I love you toooo toooo much!!" :) Pin It


rachael said...

Wow! You guys did an awesome job on his cake! It looks incredible. I hope he had a great birthday. :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

SO cute. I am looking for ideas for my little boys' party and wow, there is no way I can pull this off :-}

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