Friday, July 25, 2008

Books I read in Texas

One of the best things about books is sharing, and I have been pretty lucky on this trip to have a best friend so close by who loves reading too!

Since getting to Texas, I have read these books:

Twilight- Stephanie Myers

New Moon- Stephanie Myers

Eclipse- Stephanie Myers

Something Borrowed- Emily Giffin

Something Blue- Emily Giffin

Love the one you're with- Emily Giffin

Peace like a river- LL Enger

The Wedding (which i realized i had read before)- Nicholas Sparks

love walked in- Marisa de los Santos

The Last Sin Eater- Francine Rivers

(..and of course, I have been reading:)

So that wraps up our Texas trip! See ya all when we get home!

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Sara said...

I read "twilight" after hearing about it in your blog and I LOVED it! i read it in one night. So of course I got the second and finished it last night! I'm saving the third for our flight to Japan in a few weeks.

Melissa said... are the fastest reader on the planet. How you had time to do everything you did while in TX *and* read all of those books is beyond me. Did you sleep?? he he! You go girl! :)

Michelle Devine said...

You really must love to read. Thats a ton of books.But it is one of my favorite past times too.

devonaz said...

Wow you have been reading,,how did you like the stephanie meyers ones...we are having a breaking dawn party at the store this coming friday...I have not read them,,also how was love walked in I have been eyeing that one..


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