Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sponge Balls!

I saw these on Martha Stewart awhile back and have been wanting to make them for the boys.

Well, I got a pair of scissors at Staples this week on sale for 99 cents and then last night I had to buy laundry supplies and when I went in, I got a coupon for 2 dollars off a 10 dollar cvs purchase, so I scored a pack of free sponges out of the deal. What better time to make some sponge balls?

I used a pack of 4 sponges and made smaller ones than she had, but it still made three. I just cut them all up into 1/2 inch strips and then tied them together with some of the yarn I have here from crocheting. It was a ten minute project and the boys played with them in the bath tub today for a very very long time!

Cost: Cheap!
Skill Level: No skill needed! :) I didnt even use a ruler and they weren't cut straight.
Entertainment: Lots!

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1 comment:

kim hesson said...

oh my gosh aren't those so much fun! we did those for aliya last year at her bday party. the kids had so much fun with them, actually so did the adults.


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