Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy 5th Anniversary to Us!!

5 years of marital bliss, awww :)

On July 26th, 2003, we began a new life together, and have since bought our first home, had two beautiful boys, moved to Oregon and back in the span of 10 months, I finished my bachelor's, he has continued moving up and succeeding in his career, we both grew up a lot and have grown together spiritually. If all this can happen in 5 years, its exciting to see what more there is to come!

I love you Micah Daniel! You are truly my soul mate, the best husband a woman could have and the most amazing father to our two children. I can't imagine life being any better than this!

....And to show just how cheesy life was 5 years ago, I will now share an embarrassing part of our life...our old wedding website. Ahhh hahahahahaha. And remember, a lot has changed in photography AND website in 5 years...our wedding photographer didn't have go digital yet! So....enjoy a good laugh. Mr and Mrs

(let me know if the link doesnt work, its being finicky!) Pin It


Michelle Devine said...

AHHHHH. Too cute. Have a Happy aniversary.

devonaz said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you,,

kim hesson said...

how fun! congrats! your hair has gotten so long! :)


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