Saturday, July 26, 2008

Remember the glove incident?

Ya know....the horror, the bruises, the weirdness...

Well, I came home today to find a box with this waiting for me! Happy Anniversary to us! Woo hoo! Midwest Gloves Co sent us this package to replace the yucky 99 cent gloves that went nuclear meltdown on me.

Inside was: a pop up hat with case, a carry bin, a knee pad (and its so cute!), a brown tote, a polka dot bag holder thing with a mini shovel and trowel, another hat, a bucket organizer, oh yeah and 20 pairs of different types of gardening gloves!! All the gloves are made for different things, and Micah even scored a few pairs! Some of the gloves here are gloves they even want us to test that haven't been released yet. The bags are so much fun! I think that's my favorite part of the package.

This rocked my socks. The company was so awesome about this.

And the best part was, coming home and taking a peek out at the garden! I will post pictures of the garden this week! A lot of things were hit by the heat, but some of the stuff we planted from seeds are growing like crazy! Time to put our new gear to use! We have a lot of yard work to catch up on and this will make it fun! Pin It


Melissa said...

WOW!! Talk about great customer service! What a nice "welcome home" present! Hehe! That is awesome! :) Glad to hear your garden is doing good!

sherry said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot!!!!


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