Monday, July 14, 2008

No Yo Mama's Banana Pudding

My mom introduced me to this pudding awhile back and when I discovered one of my favorite people had it as her recipe, well, Paula Dean makes me happy, so this definitely was pleasing :) Being in the south and all right now, I thought, it was only suiting to make it for dinner the other night at my friend's house. She probably though I had lost my mind over in the corner of the kitchen, taking pictures of my pudding. Haha

4 cups of milk (I used 2%)
2 small boxs of instant vanilla pudding
sweetened condensed milk
container of cool whip (if you arent home and arent making your own like I usually do)
6-8 bananas
cream cheese
2 packages of chessman cookies from entemans

First cover bottom layer of 13x9 pan with cookies. I used an aluminum pan as I am not home. Sniff.

Then cover with your nanners. That word bugs me. I can't bring myself to saying it, even here. Cover with your bananas.

Mix yer puddin' nice and thick like.

Put aside, y'all.. Now, no samplin' just yet! Hold yer horsies.

Now for the good stuff. Cream Cheese, and Sweetened Condensed Milk..mix it until smoooooth as silk....NOW y'all can sample....hee hee

Mmmm, add yer that there cool whip. Shoot.

Mix it real good. Then add yer puddin' in.

I wish I could remember Brandy's mixer's name. For the record, my mixer's name is Black Lavender and I miss him. But I am definitely very appreciative for her being so gracious and generous and letting me in her kitchen to use it.

Pour over bananas and cookies, y'all. But its super thick, so more like, spoon it.

Spread 'em..

And if yer feelin' mighty fancy, decorate however ya please.

'Cuz thats how they do things in Texas...ya know...big and all.

Mmmm, lookie there! Ain't that sumthin! Yee HAW! Pin It


Sara said...

Oh yum! That looks kickin!

Melissa Tresler said...

I loved that pudding when your mom made it that one time....hehe.

I think TX is rubbing off on you... te he he. Those were better photo comments than PW. ;)


chelemom said...

I HAVE to print this recipe! I am just reading Paula Deen's autobiography! Very interesting story if you haven't read it yet!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

LOL that looks like a yummy treat for sure!!!

Trisha Fay said...

Looks good!
Did you notice we made the design team at Devine Memories! I am thinking about doing the crop either Friday or Saturday. Are you in? I think I might be better off doing the Saturday one.

Swasey family said...

looks yummy....haha...I love how you sounded like Mrs. Paul herself!!


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