Thursday, July 17, 2008

I heart music

I love music. I always have. I love almost all kinds of music too. Growing up, I also sang in a lot of children's choirs, church choirs, and in high school I did the choirs there as well, including the Les Chanteurs (ooh fancy). I used to sing solos but I had a freak out on stage in junior high and have never really enjoyed singing alone since, but I would like to get over that fear one day because I know I can sing (gosh, don't we sound high and mighty?)

ANYWAY, that was off track.

I also get easily hooked on songs. I listen to the same song over and over and over again, until it drives everyone insane (picture MMMMBop and my poor mother).

Right now there are a few songs that are on repeat in my play list:

Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis *this was more last week and I think totally fits the twilight books, yes I am a nerd and pick music to match my books.
The Heart of the Matter- India Arie *this is my current repeat song, and as a matter of fact, I think it is now on round 6.
(I usually don't listen to as much main stream music, but these songs are totally part of my Summer music.)

My new favorite artist righ now is Jeremy Riddle, a christian artist and I especially like God of all Glory and Sweetly Broken

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Melissa Tresler said...

I love all of the songs you mentioned, hehe. That is so funny, Bleeding Love DOES go great with the Twilight books, hehe! That is so awesome.

Now I have a mixture of Bleeding Love and Sweetly Broken running through my head....haha!

Sometimes I will repeat songs over and over, but I usually try not to because I don't want to get sick of them too fast. I switch from station to station usually so I get a variety and try not to wear out a nice song, hehe.


Michelle Devine said...

Oh yes! I went through a 8 monthe period where all I listened to was JOhn Mayer.

Allie Carpenter said...

Your sweet and adorable sister got me singing, 'Cause you had a bad day'! I totally know what you mean with repeats. Bad news is I get kids songs stuck in my head! Hope you are having a good time!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Leona Lewis song... LOVE. I actually keep a folder on my iPod just for the purpose of new songs that I want to keep on repeat. Annoys my husband but I just love. I had a thing for Alicia Keys "No One" for a while too... hm sensing a theme here!

First time commenting but I've been here a few times. I love your layout!


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