Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More pictures from the Gaylord...

So as I mentioned on Frday, we went to this beautiful resort here called The Gaylord Texan. I took 200+ pictures of anything and everything that was inspiring. This place was enormous. Micah had looked at the pictures on Friday night, and wanted to go check it out today, and when he got there, he said he had no idea how big it really was from the pictures. And everything was indoors!

Here is a recap. There are a lot of pictures, and it might get boring, but I weeded out tons and tons. :)

This actually isnt from the resort, this was from dinner on friday night.

Ok, here they are :)

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sherry said...

Wow Rebecca, beautiful, inspiring photos. I just love the ones of the boys and all the architexture ones. Great job. Looks like you will have a ton of photos to scrap when you get back

Anonymous said...

Great shots! I esp loved the one of your son with the red doors behind him.

Michelle Devine said...

You have a great girly. LOVE all the pictures.

Julie said...

Great pix!! What & how do you do the ones w/the dark edges fading sorta!?? (you can email me on that!)Thx!!


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