Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am horrible at it, and I never realized it until last night when Micah informed me of this.

Sure I enjoy doing things with my hands. Crafts, photography, baking, trying new things, etc. But it has to come easy to me. If it doesnt, I move on to the next thing, or go back to something I know I can do. Maybe I give up too easily.

I do not like to practice anything. To practice something means that its not easy and I have to try. Its maddening to me to sit there and do something repetitively...

So there I am. Trying for the umpteenth time to crochet something more than a few lines. I have gotten down some of the basic stitches but after my 60th row of double crochet and then taking it out and doing again, Micah stopped me.

"You need to be taught how to practice something and stick with it," he tells me.

Gee thanks.

"but I am practicing! i keep doing the same stitch over and over!"

"thats not practicing"

"I dont wanna practice." and I probably stomped my feet a couple of times to prove my point.

Then he patiently pointed out to me that doing a couple of rows and cutting them off and making a weird little dohicky pile wasn't the same thing as practice and I need to actually make something with this new skill I am trying to learn.

"Make a blanket", he tells me.

Ugh. Blankets are boring. Who wants to sit there and do the same thing over and over?

But, to prove to him that I can practice something, rather than sitting down and whipping something up and moving on, I am going to attempt a scarf.

Right after I try to make flowers.

Ok not really. I will try to "practice" that once i make the scarf. Even if it makes me grouchy and I end up never crocheting again.

There, Micah, I will stick with something longer than a day or two. I must realllllly have a short attention span! Thats my goal now. To practice. ..practice....practice.....
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Swasey family said...

Thats funny!!! I was able to get on one day then I saved the login on my blog and it locked me out again?What am I doing?


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